2015 PowerNation Week #24 - World’s First 3D Printer Car!

This week on PowerNation Courtney brings you the world’s first 3D printed car by Local Motors. Company founder and CEO Jay Rogers will be her guest along with the Strati – could this be the future of how cars and trucks are built? According to Jay yes. He sees this new technology as a paradigm shift in the way manufacturing, especially automotive, is done and it will be the introduction of the Micro-factory. The Strati is made from 212 layers of carbon reinforced thermoplastic and currently takes about 40 hours to print and assemble, but Jay expects to get that number down to 10 hours and have a full street legal version by the end of 2016. The current car is electric but you can design the car anyway you want and for any power plant you want and they will have various models for you to chose from. It’s a whole new world and you can check it out on PowerNation this week. For more info go to www.LocalMotors.com!

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