2015 PowerNation Week #19 - Retro Silverado!

Along with 4 brand new episodes of how-to from the Tech Center, Courtney welcomes custom performance builder Chuck Mallett of Mallett Cars to PowerNation! He brings his retro 2014 Chevy Silverado that’s a throwback to the Chevy trucks of the early 70s. He did it by taking all the plastic off and putting steel in place of all the plastic. The grill, bumpers, emblems are all custom and the moldings are all handmade aluminum 3003 that’s been folded, welded, sanded and cleared. He had it painted in the classic Chevy red and white paint scheme and the Centerline Wheels are a great retro touch too. If you know Mallett Cars, then you know there’s something under the hood! Chuck installed a a four wheel drive Z71 LT-1, direct injected 414 cubic inch, bored and stroked, with a 3 liter supercharger that makes 747 horsepower. Chuck will also announce a new line of performance accessories for the new Chevy Colorado including a drop kit, lift kit, custom hood package, exhaust system and wheel and tire package. Check it out this week on PowerNation. For more go to www.MallettCars.com.