2000HP Lamborghini Crashes Into A Lake!

In drag racing, there are many different types of risks involved. There’s so many different factors involved, especially when you’re going at such a high rate of speed. A cars engine could explode, tires fall off, hood fly off, wheelie gone bad, etc. A million different things could happen and these are just things that involve the car itself.

Environmental risks can be pretty extensive also. If the track is not properly maintained or if there’s a lake RIGHT BESIDE the track, this could also pose a significant problem. Well in this case we see a 2000HP Lamborghini on the track going for a 1/2 mile pass. Everything seems awesome at first because after all, it IS a 2000HP Lamborghini. However, some ways down the track the Lamborghini suddenly loses control and goes CRASHING into a nearby lake. The crowd goes wild! This is awful! Not only did someone just crash into a big body of water but it’s an extremely expensive Lamborghini!

The driver was reported to be safe and unharmed after the crash. No word on the Lamborghini but we’re guessing some water damage may have occurred. What do you think of this fail? Let us know in the comments!