1937 Plymouth Cars Advertising Commercial

Yet another great retro video from the early years of American car manufacturing!

Plymouth was a brand of automobiles that were produced between 1928-2001 by the Chrysler Corporation. The first Plymouth car debuted at Madison Square Garden in 1928. Plymouth was marketed in the “low-priced” field which at the time, was dominated by Chevrolet and Ford. Plymouth’s soon became one of the top-selling American car brands and along with Ford and Chevrolet, they were called “the low-priced three.”

Throughout the 1960’s-1970’s Plymouth saw more sales success when the Valiant compact became a Plymouth. Also, with the introduction of the Barracuda fastback in 1964, Plymouth was now competing successfully in the “muscle car” market.

Unfortunately in the final years of Plymouth, sales began to dwindle. A lot of Plymouth models overlapped in features and prices of many Dodge and Eagle models. This caused Plymouth to lose its identity which caused sales to continue to drop. By 1999, total Plymouth production numbers were 195,714 with Dodge having 394,052. In 1974, peak production for Plymouth was 973,000. After 1990, the company rarely ever produced more than 200,000 per year after 1990. This ultimately led to the end of Plymouth in 2001. To this day however, many of the Plymouth cars are still very popular with car enthusiasts.