10-Year-Old Kid Gets Run Over By His Parents While “Car Surfing”

The video above is not the exact incident described below but rather the dangers of “car surfing”.

If this isn’t common knowledge, please, do not try this at home. It’s one thing when kids go out and get into trouble on their own but when the parents are involved and encouraging it, that’s a whole other thing. A 10-year-old California boy was taken to a hospital in critical condition after “car surfing” on top of a car with his parents behind the wheel. During the stunt, he fell off and got run over by the same car, according to local station 23ABC News.

If you’re unfamiliar with the whole thing, car surfing is essentially standing on top of or hanging off of a moving car. Basically riding it like a surfboard. It’s as dumb as it sounds so the fact this boy’s parents were willing to not only let him do it but drive the car is insane.

Police responded to calls about a child being hit by a car and say the child was “surfing” on top of the vehicle when he slipped, fell and got run over. It’s reported that the boy broke both shoulders, his pelvis, fractured ribs and will require extensive surgery.

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