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Episode Transcript

(Tommy)>> You're watching Powernation!

(Tommy)>> Today on Detroit Muscle we put the finishing touches on our EBC Mustang and look back at all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get us here. Plus we'll take a trip through time to show you how the Mustang has evolved from pony to powerhouse. And then later we'll unveil our mean machine at SEMA in Las Vegas. [ Music ] [ engines revving ] [ Music ]

(Tommy)>> Hey guys, welcome to Detroit Muscle. This is our '70 Mustang that we've been working on. It's been kind of a labor of love. It's got all the goods. Plenty of power under the hood, suspension that's gonna make it a tyrant out on the street, and she's a looker.

(Josh)>> If you guys have been following along, obviously our fastback has come a long way with all the wrenches we've been turning on it. If it caught your eye before we can guarantee you're really gonna like her now.

(Rob)>> Well first thing you do is you access the paint, and understand what the paint is, and how soft it is, how hard it is, how many scratches, are they deep scratches, are they swirls, so on and so forth. Then you access what products to use, what pads to use. In our case we brought the arsenal not having seen the car before. We've seen pictures obviously. So we know that we had some work to do. We went ahead and we went with Ultimate Cut and Perfect Finish with a wool pad, a hybrid wool pad, and we'll finish it out with a medium polishing pad. When you're cutting a car basically what you're doing is you're removing a very, very thin layer of clear coat that has been scratched, or there's small swirls from automatic car washes or whatever. So that's the cutting stage where you're cutting off a very, very thin layer of clear coat to remove those scratches that are in that clear coat. And then buffing it you're basically gonna bring back that fresh layer of clear coat and polish it out. So it really provides a lot of gloss. One of the challenges a lot of the times is not knowing what, if you don't know the history of the car and you don't how much clear is remaining. Sometimes you may error on caution. There are products out there where you can gauge the thickness of the paint or thickness of the clear coat. So yeah, a lot of times it may be okay because there's just not that much clear left on the paint. The hardest part is definitely the hood for a couple of different reasons. A lot of activity usually goes on the flat areas but also that's the money shot. That's the part where people always come up and they look, and they'll feel it. So anything that's flat those are the most difficult parts all the time. Sonax is a 71 year old company, family owned business, and distributed in over 100 countries around the world. We've been here in the United States for a little over 10 years, and have really started to grow the business here in the US. I'm always amazed with the Sonax products, especially in the cutting stage because traditionally most products when you've cut it'll leave a nice haze where you can actually see that layer that you've cut off. Kind of like a wood when you've sanded it and you see that rough part. So that's kind of the same way that traditionally that it used to be. The way that our cutting or our compound product finishes out is absolutely amazing to me, and every time I do the cutting stage or a I see the cutting stage done and that fire wipe when you actually see how it glosses out for a cut it's truly amazing. It truly is an art, and the ability to take paint that has defects obviously and bring out the shine, and bring out the gloss without doing damage to the paint it truly is an art.

(Tommy)>> The transformation that our reflection has made is substantial, and those Sonax guys sure did make it look really easy.

(Josh)>> They really did, but we couldn't stop there. We needed to give our car a little bit more style. So we hit up the guys at Wrapped Up to add some lines on our fastback to really make this thing look like it's doing 100 miles an hour standing still.

(Clayton)>> We start with a rendering. Just a visual representation of what the customer wants, and then we turn it into a reality. Well it really all revolves around surface preparation. Getting the car clean, getting all the emblems off, taking it apart, getting it prepped. Once you have it prepped properly everything from there kinda goes pretty easy. You just stick it in the middle, work up, work down, and make sure you heat it when you get done. The biggest challenges with these cars is definitely the corners, the deep recesses. Making sure you get every inch of the film post heated to 180 degrees so that it stays looking good for a long time. Most 3-M materials are guaranteed of that clean removal for about three years. After that you might have a little glue residue up to five to seven years. You definitely want to look for cracking in it. If you ever see any cracking go ahead and remove it so that it doesn't damage the paint underneath. You should never wrap black plastic on vehicles. The trim plastic, it's silicone based. So it doesn't stick very well. The biggest no-no that you can do on a car is cutting on it. You always want to use knifeless tape to make sure that you're not destroying a customer's car. You're making it better for them. I like the freedom of it. My creativity gets to come out a little bit. Really it's an art form to me, and it's part of taking something that looks either okay or crappy and turning it into something beautiful, and I get to play with stickers all day every day.

(Tommy)>> This thing's a lot more than just some shinny paint and fancy stickers.

(Josh)>> With our supercharged Coyote whoever wins this car, they can daily drive it or even take it to the track.

(Tommy)>> Coming up, we take a look back at everything that took this car from conception to completion.

(Josh)>> Hey guys, welcome back. This old Mustang has come a long way over the past couple of months.

(Tommy)>> And the road to our success has taken some work to get us here. The canvas that we're starting with is definitely a presentable piece. It's got classic styling, the iconic look, and the good ole small block rumble, but for the car that we're planning to build a lot of this stuff has to go.

(Daniel)>> Go ahead.

(Tommy)>> The first thing we're getting out of the way is the power plant.

(Daniel)>> Alright forward.

(Tommy)>> That old small block Ford wasn't by any means a bad engine but it definitely didn't have the power output that we're craving. This was only the beginning of the removal process for our performance transformation. Next on the chopping block was the suspension. After a lot of beating, banging, bolt pulling, and wrangling, snatching and prying, it was time to move to the back side. This old school technology of leaf springs rides pretty sweet but for the performance enhancements we're making these will just become some inventory we can exchange for some beer money. Come on up with it. [ mechanical humming ]

(Tommy)>> That's nearly as heavy as I thought it was gonna be. If you're slinging sparks that means you're in for some serious modifications, and that's exactly what we're doing. [ welder crackling ]

(Tommy)>> This rear suspension kit is only a single ingredient of the recipe for one sweet Mustang. [ Music ] [ drill humming ]

(Tommy)>> A couple of these may take a little wrestling to get them in there, but nothing a tool of persuasion can't handle. [ Music ]

(Daniel)>> Get in there you turkey! [ saw buzzing ]

(Tommy)>> Sometimes when you get to digging in a car of this age you'll find some flaws.

(Josh)>> Man that's a lot of rust.

(Tommy)>> But when you've got skilled hands like Josh it's just another day at the office. [ Music ] By the looks of these goodies stretched out in the floor well it's easy to see that our EBC Mustang is gonna be one heck of a ride. Sure there's a lot of work going into this car but it always is. No matter if you're doing a restoration or a rejuvenation. [ Music ] These EBC brakes are hot off the press. They're the first setup of its kind for this application. We've used EBC on several projects, and we're always impressed with their performance. [ Music ]

(Josh)>> Now with the handling and the braking taken care of next we needed to drop in the power plant. Now with a car this caliber the choice was easy, a supercharged Coyote.

(Tommy)>> A whole lot of motor. If you're into Mustangs and late model performance you'd sure enough be proud to have this thing sitting under your hood.

(Josh)>> Now I'm just gonna be honest guys. It would be a sin to put an automatic in a car like this. So we went ahead and put the good ole five speed banger in it.

(Tommy)>> American Powertrain had everything that was needed to make our dreams come true for converting from that old slush box to a standard trans. [ Music ]

(Josh)>> Now we got the big power, we got the stopping power, and we got the maneuverability with all the handling upgrades, but all that is pointless unless we can put it down to the ground.

(Tommy)>> Continental Tire had exactly what we were looking for with their Extreme Contact Sports. We're running 245/35 R18's on the front and a 295/35 ZR18's on the rear. Wheels can make or break the style and attitude of your build. These American Racing wheels in an 18 by 11 definitely compliment the timeless style of our American muscle. Old school muscle has style and a silhouette that's unmistakable. We wanted to compliment that with some aggressive yet tasteful interior. [ Music ] TMI provided us with some top notch interior styling to make sure the inside was just as impressive as the outside. [ Music ] Sometimes people think of upgrades as just something mechanical, but we wanted to include trick stitching, bolstered seats, and a new look from head to toe for our Mustang to be complete.

(Josh)>> Now after countless busted knuckles and some late nights she's ready to go.

(Tommy)>> Up next, we'll travel back in time to give you a history lesson about the best selling muscle car of all time.

(Tommy)>> Hey guys, welcome back to the shop. You know Mustangs have been popular from the beginning. Performance and these kind of go hand in hand.

(Josh)>> And if you're a fan of these rides you're really gonna enjoy this bit of history. ( )>> Mustang, the original. Mustang, three new ways to answer the call of Mustang.

(Tommy)>> If you're wanting to discuss Detroit Muscle Mustangs are definitely a subject matter that will be mentioned, and several of them have their place in the history books. Some are for the better and others not so much. So the little pony got bigger and badder as the '60's came to a close. Trans Am racing spawned the Boss 302 and the Boss 429. It was so big they had to modify the suspension. The Mustang muscled its way into the '70's but gradually the oil crisis and the EPA regulation took their toll on performance. In '74 it was stripped down to an economy gas sipper called the Mustang II, and sport version had more bark than bite. Five years later the Mustang was resurrected with a fresh look on Ford's new fox body, ushering in a new era of performance. The GT package returned in '82 and the '83 models got a five liter engine with 175 horses. The most since the '71 Boss 351. For the fourth generation Ford brought back the classic styling cues of the original like side scoops, three element tail lights, and the signature long hood and short deck. When the pony car turned 40 it was time for another revamp. This time Ford really went retro bringing all the elements of the original design into the 21st century. It was an instant hit with the public reigniting muscle car fever and spurring Chevy and Dodge to play catch up. Not to be outdone Ford unleashed a bold new version for 2010. One that added a more aggressive stance to that iconic style. For almost a half a century the Mustang has proven that it's one wild horse that won't be broken. I'm a big fan of the '69 and '70's, and maybe one day I'll have one of my own.

(Josh)>> Money bags over here, I'm surprised he doesn't have three.

(Tommy)>> Keeping your ride looking like it just rolled off the assembly ride can be a lot of work. Everyday normal wear and tear can do a lot of damage, having your paint and chrome looking worse for wear. The longer you wait between washes the longer it takes to get you back to styling and profiling, but that's where Armor All has you covered. With their all new ceramic line of car care products you'll need less elbow grease to get rid of all that grit and grime. The next Extreme Shield Plus ceramic car wash uses a patent pending technology to create a protective barrier that will enhance water beading and help repel dirt and other surface contaminants. Using advanced chemistry Armor All engineers formulated this enhanced car wash specifically for long lasting shine and durability. So your car can stay cleaner longer in between washes, which sounds good to me because I like to spend less time washing and more time driving. After you've rinsed off your vehicle to get rid of dirt and debris mix a couple of ounces of concentrate with water and apply the wash in four foot sections ensure an even application. After you've given your vehicle a good once over be sure to thoroughly rinse it off. Once your vehicle is good and dry you'll have a protective hydro-phobic ceramic barrier that helps repel dirt and improve water beading. Armor All also has their Extreme Shield Plus ceramic tire coating to keep your wheels looking good too. It creates a non-greasy protective barrier to repel dirt and road grime so it won't stick to your tire's surface. Be sure to start with a cool, clean tire and evenly apply the Extreme Shield Plus ceramic tire coating. Armor All silica based technology rejects water, oil, and dirt to keep you cleaner longer, which is key for a big truck like this. Bigger the tires bigger the target for dirt and grime to latch on to. You can get these Armor All products at your local auto retailer so that you can everyday proof your ride. Coming up, we load up our EBC Mustang and haul it out for one of the largest automotive events on the planet.

[ Music ]

(Tommy)>> Here at Powernation we've had two big builds going on at the same time. Both of them have supercharged Coyote power and modern conveniences all in an old school package. [ Music ] After getting these rides loaded up in their fancy covered wagon they'll set off for their long journey chasing the sunset out west. [ Music ] Hey guys, welcome back to Detroit Muscle. We've been thrashing on that Mustang to bring it to one of the largest events in the automotive industry, and that would be the SEMA show. Well James it's been quite the journey building this car to get it here under the lights at SEMA. Man it's a pure honor. Now I know you haven't really seen it until now. What do you think?

(James)>> Well seeing it in the metal Tommy I absolutely love it. It is zinging. Under the bright lights it's shiny. Everyone's looking at it, everyone's talking about it, everyone's scanning that bar code trying to win it.

(Tommy)>> Well let me take you on a little road trip of what we've done.

(James)>> Brilliant, let's go.

(Tommy)>> So what we started with is a 1970 fastback Mustang. Polished its reflection to a brilliant shine using some Sonax polish. Then added a graphics packages to compliment its performance and style. Here on the interior man we really gave this thing the goods. It has a full TMI interior, the traditional wood grain steering wheel, and it has to have that manual gear box in the floor.

(James)>> And of course a coffee cup holder for a coffee on your way to the cruise.

(Tommy)>> Under here is where all the magic happens. We've got a supercharged Coyote making, well plenty of power, and those massive EBC brakes.

(James)>> Well we're excited to be launching these six pots Tommy for many applications.

(Tommy)>> Well James it's been a sheer honor building this car. I'm proud to stand behind it and I'm sure somebody's gonna be proud to have it in their driveway.

(James)>> 100 percent, I'd be proud but unfortunately it's got to go to someone else.

(Tommy)>> Well we've got our Mustang back in the shop and it sure has came a long way. Now we've transformed this pony from kind of an old nag to a show stealing ground pounding stallion. We've put a lot of time and effort into this car, and the last thing we want to do is leave it unprotected. If you're in the need for top of the line preservation CoverCraft's form fit car cover will pamper your ride's chrome and paint for maximum indoor protection. CoverCraft's exclusive high performance fabric will help protect your vehicle from minor dents and dings, as well as micro scratch causing dust and debris. Covers come custom fit for your vehicle, and they're engineered to prevent heat and vapor from becoming trapped underneath the material. So your finish stays showroom fine year round. Heck you can even throw it in your washer and dryer to keep it as clean as your car. CoverCraft's custom form fit cover comes with a four year warranty, but if you take care of it as good as it takes care of your car it should last well beyond that. It comes with a free matching storage bag, and is manufactured and sewn together here in the good ole US of A. Visit CoverCraft to see which one works best for you. [ Music ] Now if you guys will excuse me I'm gonna go take some well deserved r&r because after this thrash on the SEMA build and that quick trip to Vegas I'm definitely wore slap out. We'll see you in a few. I sure hope you like what you saw on today's show, and until next time y'all remember, keep it between them ditches. [ Music ]
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