You Find A Wasp Nest On Top Of Your Gas Cap..Would Would You Do?

Well this is a nightmare for anyone to find! Finding a wasp nest anywhere is frightening enough but finding one inside your gas cap door? NOPE! Nobody wants to find that! Seriously what do you do in this situation? If you disturb the nest too much, the wasps may all attack and sting you at once! Imagine really having to fill up your car with gas and being borderline empty. If you have somewhere really important to go, you would have to think and act fast on what the best decision would be to get rid of this wasp nest blocking you from pumping gas.

The person in this video decided to get a stick to help with the situation. They poke the wasp nest a few times and then decide to push the wasp nest outwards to get it to fall out. Eventually after a few tries, the nest falls out onto the ground with a few wasps buzzing around. It didn’t look like the owner of the car got stung but regardless, it still was probably a pretty stressful situation to be in! What would you do? Let us know in the comments and for more videos stay tuned on!