You Can Own This California “CASH” Vanity License Plate For Only $2 Million

Vanity plates are a creative and fun way to express yourself through your car. They are unique and one-of-a-kind, but you have to pay a little extra in order to make it yours.

According to a report by the San Jose Mercury News, one California man is looking to part ways with his license plate that reads “CASH” for a price. Specifically, he is willing to sell it for $2 million.

Claude Arthur Stuart Hamrick, a patent lawyer from Silicon Valley, has had the license plate for over 50 years when vanity plates were first available in California in 1970. Aside from being his initials, “CASH” has been associated with Hamrick and his business for a very long time.

“Every time I traded cars, the dealers tried to buy it from me. Every car dealer in San Jose wanted that plate,” Hamrick told the newspaper. “I told them I wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars.”

Hamrick has since enlisted the services of the Plate Broker, who is in the business of selling unique vanity plates to potential buyers. Hamrick’s “CASH” plate is listed at $2 million, and some other plates up for sale include “BETTING” ($125,000), “CINEMA” ($1,895,000), and “GO VIRAL,” ($3,888,888).

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