You Can Now Own Your Very Own Vintage Miller Lite Beer Delivery Truck

Looking for something…unique to add to your collection that won’t break the bank? This might just be the answer. This six pack-shaped, vintage Miller Lite delivery truck is currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

The vehicle is located in St. Joseph, MO, and is listed for $2,500 with 34,636 driven miles. It should be noted that the odometer is only a 5-digit unit so who knows if that’s accurate mileage. Although the vehicle would definitely be a fun project, it does not currently run.

The truck was originally a 1982 Ford Econoline dually with a cutaway chassis. Miller then topped it off with a six pack-shaped refrigeration unit. While it obviously used to shuttle beer around, with a bit of work it could transport just about anything.

Ironically, the original poster claims “This one won’t last long! Call today,” with an ad posted 21 weeks ago. Will you be the one to take it off his hands?

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