You Can Buy 55 Volkswagen Westfalia Buses For $350,000

I guess it’s kind of like being the crazy cat lady, but with cars.. or buses. Once you get one, you can’t stop buying (or adopting) more. Canadian car collector “Rob” has a whole hoard of Type 2s (along with a few Vanagons) making that a grand total of 55 split-window buses gracing his property. He’s selling the whole entire lot of them for one big price – $350,000. That equals out to be $6,363.63 per bus – thanks to The Drive for the story and the math.

According to the for sale ad, every van is in “good restorable condition”. Also, Rob isn’t one for tire-kicking. Anybody who may be interested in purchasing, are subject to a $500 viewing fee in cash. He’s also not letting these Westfalia-converted T2s or Vanagons go separately. He states that someone “must buy and remove all of them”. Also, if coming from out of the country, you must get a hotel room and wait for the funds to hit the bank so he can clear for shipping.

Rob may not have too much trouble finding someone to buy a few, but he’s looking to part with them all at once. That may be a hard task to find someone looking to buy more than a half a hundred buses. He may find a buyer as these camper-converted buses are highly sought after collectibles. While it may have the “pop-top” roof, these vans also came equipped with other fun camping equipment such as cabinets, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators. Maybe somebody can buy them, restore them, and start a rent-a-VW-bus camping company with the inventory… Just a thought.

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