You Can Burnout In A Smart Car, If You Put Some Work Into It

Most gearheads (if any) wouldn't put the Smart Car on their list of "must have" cars...especially not the electric model. And especially if burnouts and donuts are what you're looking to do with it.

The guys over at Hoonigan found out that although it's obviously not the ideal situation, getting a burnout in an electric Smart Car can be done.

The Hoonigan guys used one of their guy's Smart ForTwo Electric Drive out in their parking lot to get some hooning in. In the end, they wanted to see if the polite little two-seater could light some tire fires. What do you think they got?

Well, they ended up getting the burnout but it took all day and about a handful of people to even make it happen.

The first project was to figure out how to disable the traction control. After that, they overinflated the rear tires and soaked them. The first time in water, then in some WD-40. However, none of this was enough to get the job done.

So what did it take to make those tires burn? All of the above PLUS enough manpower to take over the Smart Car's 80-ish horsepower. On top of that, they had to get creative with the positioning of the car to minimize gravity's traction-enhancing abilities.

Unless you just have some time to kill or really want to take on the challenge, it's hard to justify spending your whole afternoon on a project like this. That was a burnout that had some blood, sweat, and tears behind it...literally

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