Wrong Way Driver Fail! Interstate Crash!

The interstate can be confusing for some people. With the amount of different types of signs, it’s a common thing to hear about people accidentally driving the wrong way unfortunately. This is a tragic thing because a lot of times these types of drivers end up in terrible crashes, which not only puts them in danger but also other drivers on the road. There are clear signs that tell you if you’re entering the wrong way onto the interstate but unfortunately not everyone sees them or they may be suffering from a medical condition impairing their judgement.

Take this video for a perfect example. A driver in Puerto Rico was driving the wrong way on the interstate while another car is filming the whole ordeal. The car keeps going and going for a while miraculously without crashing but suddenly another car strikes the car in a wicked head on collision! Talk about a fail! This is also a great example of why autonomous cars need to be a thing because it would drastically cut down on wrong way drivers and just bad drivers in general. What do you think about this fail? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!