Wrangler For Sale, Banana Peel Experiment, Redneck Uber, Most Expensive AuctionCar, And Food Truck Hero

Today on PND…
• Project Creep it Real is Up For Sale!
• What Actually Happens If You Drive On Banana Peels
• A Redneck Uber For Grandma
• The Most Expensive Car Ever Sold At Auction
• And A Food Truck That Came To The Rescue In California

Project Creep It Real
Need a new or upgraded off-road rig? We have you covered! The 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport, Project Creep It Real that was built on XOR is up for sale! It’s a custom rock crawling machine with a full cage, a fuel-injected 3.6-liter and all the comforts you’d want like A/C and radio. Inside it’s equipped with five-point G-force harnesses and bucket seats. It sits on a beefed-up suspension with a full 6” lift, Dana axles, and upgraded brakes. For more information on the Jeep check out Streetside Classics and to watch it in action tune in to the XOR Adventure tonight 8/28 on NBCSN at 10pm!

Banana Peels
Anyone who knows anything about Mario Kart knows the iconic banana peels. So what happens if you drive, or drift, over them in real life? Well, the guys at Hoonigan decided to take an Audi RS5 and professional WRC driver and test it out. Unfortunately, they found that it doesn’t insue a massive spinout like in the game. All it really does is slow your lap time down!

Wheelchair Ride
Now, this is…different. The drivers of Florida are at it again. This time with their grandma and a pickup truck. The original poster describes it as a “Redneck Uber” and we like the description. The truck is driving down a road in Tampa and the older woman is strapped into her wheelchair, which is then strapped into the truck! What people won’t think of next…

Most Expensive Car At Auction
Rare cars are pricey. But this 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive car ever sold at auction. It went for a whopping $48.4 MILLION dollars at the RM Sotheby’s auction during Monterey Car Week. It’s considered the world’s most important, desirable and legendary motor car so it’s no surprise it went for an insane amount. There are only 36 of these cars out there and this one was one of 4 upgraded by Scaglietti and one of 7 to ever receive more aggressive and successful coachwork. These cars are so rare, that one sold for $50 million and another for $70 million in previous private transactions.

Food Truck Hero
Being stuck in traffic is nothing new for California residents. But after a fiery and fatal tanker truck crash shut down the 105 Freeway in Hawthorne, CA, commuters were at a standstill for over 3 hours while the road was closed. No fear though, AC Catering and their food truck came to the rescue! The truck pulled over on the side of the road and opened up for business! AND they served food at half price for all the hungry and stranded people.

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