Women Motorcyclists Are On The Rise

Some people don’t picture women when you ask them about motorcycle demographics. But that’s quickly changing. According to The Drive, a new report from the Motorcycle Industry Council highlights that in 1998 only eight percent of motorcycle owners were women. But now that number has shot to an all-time high of 14 percent.

The report reveals that the median age of female motorcycles is 39 years old versus 48-year-old men and about half of women bikers do their own maintenance on their rides. Women are also more safety-conscious than male riders since 60 percent of ladies take a motorcycle safety course compared to just 42 percent of guys. And if your guess is that these women are riding around on mopeds or scooters, you’re wrong. 34 percent of women riders own cruisers which are traditionally the “manliest” kind of motorcycle. The motorcycle industry is still male-dominated but women on motorcycles are clearly on the rise.