Woman Celebrates Purchase of Her First Car by Accidentally Kicking Gong Into New Nissan

Everyone remembers their first car. Some of us bought a used car found on Craigslist or inherited one from a family member. Some will even get their first car at their local dealership. Regardless, it’s a core memory.

However, one young woman will certainly not forget her first car buying experience when the celebration takes a quick turn into a cringe-fest.

TikTok user Summer Marie was excited about the purchase of her very first car, a Nissan Versa at Sunridge Nissan in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Because this is a big deal, sometimes dealerships will let you ring a bell or play a song over the loudspeakers. In Summer’s case, she was instructed by the sales rep to kick a large gong in the middle of the showroom. What could go wrong?

Rather hear the low ringing sound of a gong, Summer accidentally kicks over the stand and smashes it into the bumper of a Nissan Maxima.

@summar.marie Buying my first car went… embarrassing, to say the least 😂 watch until the end! #bigkick #belairdirectdrivechallenge #trending #fyp #nissan #embarrassing #foryou #canada #firstcar ♬ original sound – Summar Marie

Clearly shocked and embarrassed, Summer’s uncomfortable moment was soon filled with laughter by the entire sales floor.

Thankfully Summer’s moment has a happy ending as a dealership employee commented on the video, saying, “I can honestly attest that no car was harmed in the making of this video. There was a rubber smudge, but it came right off. No scratch or dent!”

While the Maxima is likely back on the floor, the gong may not be going forward.

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