Woman Buys Back ’55 Buick Special That Belonged To Great-Great-Grandfather

There is a sentimental 1955 Buick Special that had belonged to Betsy DiCapua’s family since its initial 46 years of life. After being sold 17 long years ago, the car is back in the family where it belongs.

The car was purchased back in 1955 for just $2,984.04 by Betsy’s great-great-grandfather, Fred Bennett. He drove the beloved Buick on sunny Sundays, and the car never saw a drop of rain. When Bennett passed away in 1982, the mint car was left with Betsy and her family when she was 24 years old. Appreciating the car and knowing how much it meant, she made sure to take care good of it.

One day while Betsy’s mother was driving with Betsy in the car, the Buick’s brakes went out. All while staying calm, she used the emergency brake to help maneuver the car all the way back home. Another fond memory that Betsy recalls is when she married her husband Sam DiCapua where they rode in the backseat to attend their own wedding ceremony.

As time passed by, her father passed away and then her mother was diagnosed with cancer. In 2001, the car became too much for her mother to keep up with, so she sold it with just 40,000 miles on the clock. Betsy recalls being sad about the car, as it was more than just a car to her.

Seventeen years have gone by, and the car would come up quite a bit in conversations between Betsy and her husband about possibly finding the owner and buying it back. They decided to reach out to the owner of the car who purchased the car in 2001, and he gave them the contact of the person who had recently bought it just three weeks prior. They bought the car back for $11,000 with 51,000 miles on the clock. It was worse for wear than it was when they had last seen it, but all could be fixed up.

Now it’s nighttime cruises for Betsy and her husband when weather permits and the brakes have already gone out again recently. Of course, Betsy knew exactly what to do. New brakes and engine work will be performed in the coming months, and then it is back to making more memories in the old Buick.

Photo Courtesy of submission to the York County Coast Star

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