Why You Might Want To Re-Think Idling Your Car During Winter

Idling your car, especially if you live up North, is a common practice. However, several states have laws restricting it for environmental reasons. But letting your car sit running, even in your driveway could actually end up costing more than just a ticket.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that an astonishing number of vehicles are stolen each year with the keys left in them. Over 81,000 of the 747,841 cars reported stolen in 2018 had their key or wireless keyfob in them. Remote start is more beneficial since it keeps the doors and transmission locked until the fob is present.

When you think about it, what makes it easier for a thief than an already running vehicle with keys inside?

The NICB has a few tips to help prevent theft of your vehicle:

  • Always lock the vehicle, take keys with you and set the alarm if required.
  • Don’t store a garage door opener in it.
  • Never leave your car running in a public place.

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