Why Waze Is Re-routing Drivers To One Of The Steepest Hills In America

The Waze app made the news recently when a Jeep driver claimed its directions instructed them to drive into a lake. Now Waze is back after re-routing people up one of the steepest hills in the country.

In an attempt to give the shortest route, Waze has people in the Echo Park neighborhood in LA going up Baxter street, which has a 32% grade. Baxter Street resident, Robbie Adams, told the Los Angeles Times that a lot of people can’t make it up the hill, so they stop and try to back down it. The people in the neighborhood say this isn’t a new issue but with the popularity of Waze and similar apps growing, the number of people attempting the hill is growing, too. Local residents have asked Waze to remove the Baxter Street shortcut. Thoughts?