Why This California Highway Sounds Terrible

If you’re going to take the time and energy to plan out a highway to play music as people drive along it, you should do it correctly, right? I mean nobody wants to listen to music that doesn’t sound great whether it’s on the radio or playing through their open windows. As a matter of fact, there’s actually a few stretches of road across America that a musical quality to them. But a stretch of road in Lancaster, California plays classical music as you drive over it but there’s one problem…it’s out of tune and therefor sounds terrible. It’s supposedly the tune of a popular classical song but if we’re honest, it doesn’t sound as pleasing to the ear as the original.

YouTuber, Tom Scott, explains that basically the engineers did the math wrong and put the grooves in the wrong places. Aren’t the grooves the only things that make the song worth having in the first place? Huh, bet they’re re-thinking that decision.Take a listen to the song as he drives over it and see if you can recognize it. Let us know what song you think it is and if it’s as bad as a lot of people claim!