Why Thieves Are Stealing Chevy Steering Wheels

People have been parting out cars for years. However, usually it’s for parts like catalytic converters. Lately, thieves are going for more unconventional items like side mirrors and steering wheels.

People in the greater Detroit area are finding their cars broken into, even if they have them locked with no valuables inside. For what? Their steering wheel – more specifically the airbag. Thieves are going for models like the Chevy Equinox or Malibu, Fox2 Detroit reports. It’s still unclear why Chevy models are being targeted.

The city of Eastpointe, MI has had issues in particular and local police say over they took 11 reports over the weekend for missing steering wheels. Why steering wheels and/or airbags you might ask? A shortage of supply since the pandemic started has created a black market for them. Mechanics say the stolen goods can be resold for a few hundred to thousand dollars.

Not only does having no steering wheel render any vehicle useless, it also costs the owner a couple thousand dollars to replace the missing parts. If the thief only manages to take the airbag then luckily it’s only around $200 – $300. And it’s not just individuals at risk, even dealerships and businesses are seeing this trend become a problem.

Unfortunately, the only real solution is to park vehicles in a garage when possible. If that’s not an option, park it in a well-lit spot preferably with cameras. If it’s a major concern in your area, there is the anti-theft club option.

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