Which Would You Rather Have?

Which Would You Rather Have?

By Jim Campisano

I’ve been fortunate that while I’ve had a job for the last 26 years, I’ve never really had to work. In 1989 I scored a job as a copy editor with the old CSK Publishing, which produced Vette, High Performance Mopar, High Performance Pontiac and Muscle Cars magazines. Yes, I got paid to read car magazines. I really threw that one back in my mother’s face. For years she accused me of spending too much time with my face buried in automotive periodical and not enough in textbooks.

If only she were alive today. In March I started my new career as editorial director of PowerNation TV, which produces the best, highest-rated enthusiast TV shows: Xtreme Off Road, Engine Power, Truck Tech and Detroit Muscle. Hey mom, guess what? Now I get paid to watch TV!

With a new block of PowerNation TV episodes set to air starting Saturday, I wanted to tease you a little with some of the goodies you’ll see. These are a few of the ongoing projects from our hard-core staff. On any given day, these vehicles are no more than a few feet from my office. It does make concentrating on any given task a bit more difficult.

Which of these three monsters would you rather have? Detroit Muscle’s ’70 Challenger is under construction has a full Schwartz Performance frame, plus there’s an Indy Cylinder Heads low-deck Gen II Hemi stroker ready to go under the hood.

The 2015 Mustang GT, which you can also see on upcoming episodes of Detroit Muscle, has the latest Ford Performance suspension parts front and rear, plus its new Roots-style supercharger kit. How much horsepower does it make? Well, I know but can’t tell you. Let’s just say it’s more than enough to get you arrested!

As for the roadster, that’s our DupliColor ’33 Hot Rod. It started life as a Factory Five component car and was assembled entirely on the set of Engine Power. Between the frame rails sits a rebuilt 302 Ford from Powertrain Products that’s been modified with a Crane hydraulic roller cam and an Edelbrock dual-quad intake. It might be the least powerful of the trio, but it’s also the lightest by at least 1,000 lbs. That gives it one heck of a power-to-weight ratio.

Xtreme Off Road and Truck Tech also have some superb hands-on stuff brewing. Project Raging Bull from XOR is one heck of a rock bouncer, and Truck Tech’s Wrangler Re-Do will show everyone how to build a real 4x4 out of a two-wheel drive Jeep.

What’s great about these shows is there’s always so much cool stuff going on, from rebuilding the original Big Foot monster truck to dyno testing any number of fully-build street and race engines. Be sure to check out www.powernationtv.com/schedule to find out when your favorite shows air.

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