When Trying To Get A Car Unstuck Goes Horribly Wrong

When a car gets stuck in the mud somewhere, there are a few options to get it unstuck. Some people may try to push the car while another person is accelerating, some may call a tow truck or if you wanna save a few dollars some may try to tow it out with a friends truck instead. Well that’s alright if you want to tow it yourself but sometimes things don’t go as planned and ends up in disaster like this poor little car in this video!

Somewhere out on a dirt track or field, a small tiny white car appears to be stuck in the mud. A towing rope is wrapped around the car with the other end being attached to another vehicle. Well as the towing vehicle begins to pull the white car up the dirt mound, the car literally stands up vertically before crashing upside down! FAIL! It probably had something to do with wrapping the rope around the roof instead of the bottom of the car but who knows! What do you think went wrong here? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about this towing fail gone wrong!