What’s Your Take On This Late Model Cadillac’s Wheels?

The video of this Cadillac rolling down a Houston highway is grabbing the attention of the online world. What’s up with the wheels? What’s the point? Are they legal? Here’s some insight into those questions.

Jalopnik reports those aren’t just ridiculous spike-like mods. They’re actually a signature part of a Houston-area car-modification scene called Slabs.

For those of you who don’t know (like we didn’t), a “Slab” is an acronym for slow, low and bangin’ or slow, loud and bangin’. Usually, slabs are large American cars from the ‘70s and ‘80s, although the late-model cars are becoming popular as well.

Aside from the candy-colored paint and dramatic design aesthetics, wire wheels are the most noticeable and obvious trait you’ll find on these cars. The wheels have been nicknamed swangas and their main characteristic is known as poke, which is how far out the spokes poke from the car. Surprisingly, you can drop a lot of cash for some really dramatic swangas, which people apparently do because they’re completely legal as long as the width of those swangas don’t put you over the limit of the width for your car.

So legally, this driver is good to go, and they’re not really posing a huge hazard to anyone on the road except for people who want to video and drive. If you’re close enough to those spinning wheels to be concerned, you’re probably too close in general.