What’s On Deck For Project Sydewinder!

By: Marc Christ

The guys in Detroit Muscle are chipping away at their two big ‘80s projects, the ’85 Buick Regal dubbed “Street Regal” and Marc’s pride and joy, the ’81 Mustang Cobra called “Sydewinder”. And Tommy isn’t what you’d call a “Mustang Guy”, but he’s excited about what they’ve got in store for the Cobra.

Since the Fox-body got its fresh patina paint job a while back, the guys have been busy on assembly. They recently re-dressed the interior; added an adequate fuel system; welded in a really cool, unique exhaust system; and now it’s time to move on to the appearance and detail work.

What they’re currently tackling is jazzing up the front end. They’ve got lighting (original equipment and otherwise), some aero to help it out on track, and some other tasteful modifications to give this Fox-body Mustang a unique personality and to help it perform at its best, whether it be on the street or track.