What You Might Not Know About The Auburn 8-98A

On this weekend’s show, we actually head to a house that holds one awesome car collection. Curt Curtiss and his wife have a great collection on their hands and to say they’re enthusiasts might be an understatement. They took the basement and turned it into a shop of sorts. They painted the exposed ceiling, added the race deck floor and connected the driveway all the way around the back of the house!

Curt started tinkering and building his own cars when he was young. When he turned 50 he told his wife he wanted the next build to be a Corvette. She said that it had to be done within a year if it wanted to stay, and 7 months later Curt had his finished Corvette!

As for his wife? Her car of choice is this stunning 1931 Auburn 8-98A. The 98 stands for 98 horsepower put out by the Lycoming straight-8 engine but she also gave us some fun trivia about the car while we were there. The “A” stands for accessory packages which includes the two tires in the trunk for $900. The car itself would’ve run just under $2,000!

You can find their whole story on Paramount Network this Sunday at 9am ET along with the brand new block of tech from all four shops!