What Would A Tesla Roadsters 0-60 Time Be On Mars?

With all the talk about sending humans to Mars, it was only a matter of time before gearheads asked the question: what would the 0-60 time up there be? And since Elon Musk already sent his Roadster into space, “Engineering Explained” decided to use it as the example vehicle. There’s actually an equation that lets you calculate a 0-60 time on mars based on figures here on Earth.

The equation: gravity on Earth (32.2 feet/second²) divided by gravity on Mars (12.18 feet/second²), multiplied by the Roadster’s claimed 0-60 mph time (1.9 seconds)

After plugging in all the numbers, the estimated time is 5 seconds flat for a Roadster on Mars due to the reduced friction and Mars’ lower gravity. Obviously, these are just estimated numbers, but hey, there may come a day we can find out the real numbers.

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