What Went Down At Le Mans 2017

Not only was this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans full of flags and delays but it was a nail-biter, too…in the LM GTE Pro class especially. Number 63 Corvette driver Jordan Taylor and Number 97 Aston Martin driver Jonathan Adam gave fans a show in the final moments of the race, according to Jalopnik. Taylor had a lead, which he threw away when tried to block Adam from passing him and got pushed into running across a chicane, which threw gravel into the Corvette C7.9 and damaged the front end. That was the final lap where Adam was able to pass him for the lead.

And although that was tough to watch for die-hard Corvette fans, Aston Martin didn’t claim total victory of Le Mans either. Porsche claimed that title with its Number 2 Porsche 919. This year’s race is the first time since 1995 that the overall Le Mans podium has had cars from multiple classes. This is also Porsche’s 19th overall win and third in a row. Congrats, Porsche.

This Sunday starting at 9am there’s all new tech from the shops. In Truck Tech, the guys get to work on the ’30 Model A Ford with quick disassembly and the build up of a crate chassis including axles, suspension, springs, shocks, links and I-beam front end.

Then in PowerNation Katie’s featured ride is this 80’s IMSA GTP series inspired SuperLite Coupe. Owner Bill Phillips and painter Anthony Kutas will talk about building, painting and driving these cool kit cars. Bill received the chassis, suspension, glass and body and then he decided everything else. He opted for an LS-3 with a 6 Speed. Anthony from Charlotte Speed Shop took over the challenge of laying down the Ferrari Yellow paint. Plus it’s super comfortable to drive on the street or the track! It’s a full block of tech so make sure you tune in.