What One Man Built With His Passion For Pontiacs

Check out PowerNation this week as we feature Butler Performance located in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Butler is best known for building incredible power in Pontiac engines. Starting in the late ‘80s Jim Butler, who had an avid passion for racing GTOs and other Pontiac’s, started Butler Performance along with his two sons. The hobby became a business as their engines were so powerful other racers started asking them to build theirs.

Starting in a barn near their childhood home they now build about 75 engines a year for racers, celebrities, and enthusiasts. They dyno every engine they build before it ever leaves the shop. Butler also ships parts to the U.S. and around the world, about 50 packages a day leave the shop. It’s an incredible engine building shop, make sure you check it out this week. Plus our four shops have real-world how-to you can use. For more visit www.butlerperformance.com

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