What Is The Trailer On The Back Of This Jeep Scrambler For?

There’s been a lot of coverage on the Jeep Scrambler lately. A motorcar-pilot named Angelo sent Jalopnik this video of a Scrambler and another truck doing testing and they were both towing some odd-looking trailers. Test trailers aren’t usually seen but the best guess is the trailers are for evaluating towing ability and capacity. It looks like there is a place for installing or removing weights, which is most likely how they figure out maximum towing ratings. The question is though, what is the massive grid-like framework at the front of the trailer?

The guys at Jalopnik looked up the DOT number on the side of the Jeep and found it’s for Automotive Test Services so they called to ask what’s up. Representative, John Singleton, said the purpose of the big grid structure was “Camouflage. We’re looking for a certain weight, and we do whatever we have to do to get it. Wooden boxes on them, covered in newspaper, feathers, anything. There’s really no science to that stuff at all. We just need to get to a certain weight and maintain it.” So, if you’ve seen those trailers online or on the road and have been wondering – there you go!

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