What If You Mix Diesel In With Your Gas Engine

You may have heard that you should add “a splash” of diesel into your gas tank for several reasons. More than likely, you’ve heard that if you do, it’ll lubricate your fuel system and engine. Or maybe it’s to smoke out the mosquitoes in your yard. No matter why you do it, it makes for an interesting result.

In the YouTube video is Tom Gorak’s Dodge M37 and it’s billowing white diesel smoke after he added just a bit too much diesel to the gas tank. And while the smoking will probably clear up on it’s own after all of the diesel has been run through the engine, there’s also a chance that mixing diesel fuel with your regular gas can cause damage to your fuel system since diesel is formulated much differently from gas. Diesel has quite a bit of lubricant in it, while gasoline doesn’t.

Regardless of what you’ve heard or think is a good idea, there’s yet to be a manufacturer of any gas engine that recommends you use diesel to lubricate anything in the fuel system or the engine itself. Looking at it the other way, there are also no references from diesel manufacturers recommending that you add gas to “burn out the carbon deposits”. So basically just stay away from mixing fuels, the mixing myth has yet to be proven.