What Goes Into Constructing A Custom Dyno Cell

The latest addition to the Engine Power shop is Cell Block D. It’s a brand new dyno and dyno cell and it is a product of a lot of work and engineering. Noise Barriers LLC. were able to come in and make it possible. It had to start by removing the previous dyno and cell from the shop. After the exhaust fan ducting was removed, a 4×5 rectangle was cut in the wall to make the air inlet vent. The exhaust fan was then (carefully) pulled out and panel by panel the old cell was dismantled.

Questmark came in and laid down a high-performance floor product with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance which is great for this purpose.

The packages started arriving at the dock filled with all kinds of cool stuff. The Soundmaster Dyno Cell was arguably the best. It arrived in a massive crate and was ready to be assembled. It’s a modular package relatively simple to put together. The cool think about Noise Barriers, LLC. is that the customer gets to approve the design for their cell before it’s made.

All of the panels, doors, and walls are ballistic rated to protect operators and observers in case of major engine failure. The cell is double-wall construction and because the cell is modular it can be manufactured in as quickly as 3 weeks and installed in just a few days. For the Engine Power specific cell, a wide door was installed to make getting engines and production equipment in and out easier.

Take a listen to the first dyno run in Cell Block D!

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