What Better Way To Use A Supercar Than Deliver Pizzas?

While we were in England we had a chance to see some of the most exotic and expensive supercars out there. It was an amazing Cars & Coffee type event and the best part was that it was all for charity. It’s only fitting it was held at the Sharnbrook Hotel since CEO, Ciro Ciampi is a petrolhead (as they say over in England) himself! They have everything from classic cars to vintage cars to hypercars. Gannon even got the chance to take a look at a Ferrari La Ferrari and talk with the owner.

The event was to raise money for Rays Of Sunshine children’s charity. The goal was to raise over $13,000 in one day. It started with a special little girl whose wish was to be driven in a pink Lamborghini by Richard Hammond. Not only were they able to make that happen but they raised over $34,000 for the charity!

Next up, a stop to make some pizza and deliver it! In a supercar, of course. Gannon and Ciro stop by the Sharnbrook Hotel’s kitchen and meet their pizza chef who tries to give Gannon some pointers. After a few trial and errors, they finally get some pizzas and hop in the R8 to go deliver it. The only issue with using supercars for delivery…there’s not much room for storage.

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