Watch This CNG-Powered Bus Erupt in Flames

Typically an alternative fuel to make ICE-powered vehicles more environmentally friendly is the use of compressed natural gas (CNG). However, in the rare event where something goes wrong, the stuff hits the fan immediately.

This was the case for a CNG-powered city bus in Perugia, Italy that suddenly found itself engulfed in flames like a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-style vehicle. Check out the video footage below:

The good news is that there were no passengers onboard and the mechanic driving the bus managed to get off the bus in time. The bad news is that by the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the bus was already a charred shell of its former self.

The bus in the video is an Irisbus Iveco Cityclass equipped with a standard ICE engine and CNG fuel tanks mounted on the roof, hence the source and direction of the flames.

CNG-powered buses are popular in European countries like Italy and Greece to provide cleaner emissions when compared to diesel, and have longer range and charging time issues with electric vehicles.

While this isn’t the first time a CNG-powered bus was engulfed in flames, news reports suggest that it is still a very rare occasion, as the last time one of these incidents happened was in the Netherlands in 2012.

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