Watch A Cop Use A Grappler Bumper To Stop A Driver Ramming Another Car

Law enforcement has several options when it comes to ending a pursuit or stopping a dangerous driver on the road. However, when it also impacts other drivers, options become more limited as far as safety is concerned.

That’s where the Grappler Bumper comes into play. If you aren’t familiar with it, the Grappler Bumper allows one car snare and capture another. Think lasso-ing an animal at a rodeo. That technique is exactly what an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper needed to stop a driver who was repeatedly hitting another driver’s car.

The encounter happened back in September on the I-10 in Arizona after a motorist in a Ford Mustang was being tailgated and repeatedly rammed by a driver in a Ford Explorer.

You would think when officers pulled up behind the Explorer the driver would give up and pull over, but that wasn’t the case. So the officer decided to go for it and pulled out the Grappler bumper, which is a pretty aggressive move. It led to the Escape swerving across all four lanes of the highway before finally being slowed by the cop car.

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