Want To Be Impressed? Check Out The Numbers On The 2018 Dodge Demon

It’s no secret the Dodge Demon is fast. Really fast. But the numbers for the 2018 model year are staggering. Hennessey Performance took a bone stock Demon with under 100 miles and ran it through the ringer. They tested the 1/4 mile time, chassis dyno number and the top speed. The latter of which is surprising.

Hennessey tested with one of its HD Video VBox data logging systems for the first time down the 1/4 mile. Along with being completely stock the car also has a stock pump gas tune, full interior and did not use launch control with trans brake. It also does not have the Demon crate yet. It was an impressive run but they say they expect a lot more from the car and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it run low 10’s / high 9’s at some point.

Next up is the chassis dyno testing. And it doesn’t leave us disappointed either! It made 683 ft.-lbs. of torque at the rear wheels and 721 horsepower at the wheels on Shell V-Power 93 octane pump fuel. Again, this is a stock car not yet modified by Hennessey. They are wanting to see what numbers it can produce before they begin their upgrades.

Last but not least, is the top speed test. And this is impressive, it tops out at 164 mph in its stock form. So we can only imagine the power and speed this thing will have once Hennessey is done with it! Stay tuned for more updates.

Hennessey Performance will be offering a line of high-performance and racing upgrades for the 2018 Dodge Demon Hellcat Challenger including NHRA legal roll cage, engine tuning, upgraded supercharger systems from 1000 to 1500 HP and more.

So if you’re looking for power (and who isn’t?) the Demon may be worth checking out!

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