Squatted Trucks Beware: Virginia Bans the “Carolina Squat” Modification

We’ve all seen a lifted truck. Some of us have seen lowered trucks. But then there are squatted trucks, and they are getting some serious heat from legislators. Also known as the “Carolina Squat” truck, it is like a lifted truck that only favors the front and drops the rear. Sure, it may look like a race truck. But it’s not uncommon for the rear bumper to scrape across the pavement.

If you’ve never seen a truck like this, there’s a chance you may not ever as the Carolina Squat modification has already been outlawed in two states: North Carolina and Virginia.

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Why Are Squatted Trucks Being Outlawed in Virginia?

According to NBC 29, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin signed Senate Bill 777, which bans squatted trucks from state highways, as well as vehicles in which the front bumper is lifted four inches higher than the rear. This would allow drivers to safely exit their vehicles once being pulled over. This ban follows a fatal crash in which the driver was behind the wheel of a squatted truck.

Some auto enthusiasts have been debating whether the Carolina Squat modification should be merely discouraged, rather than outlawed. Some believe that it is only favored amongst a very small community of mod enthusiasts. However, others disagree due to the modification being partially responsible for a fatal accident. In the case of flashy style vs safety, the powers that be say that safety wins.

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