Viper Inside A Viper Trailer! Viper Within A Viper

Now this is really neat!

How often do you see a car inside a trailer that’s themed like the car itself? Not often! Now with the Dodge Viper being discontinued, this makes this video all the more special because of the significance the Viper now has. It’s not only a nostalgic car but also a future classic because it’s going to be harder and harder to find one.

In this awesome video you see a large green and black trailer that’s themed like a Dodge Viper which is just super cool! As the trailer begins to open up, you then see a Dodge Viper inside with the same color scheme. Now THAT’S a trailer! If this became a trend of more classic cars could you imagine how cool that would be? Imagine a classic Mustang trailer or even a Model T trailer? The possibilities are endless! If you could have any trailer themed like any type of car what would it be? Would it be a Dodge Viper or some other classic or maybe even a new car? Let us know in the comments what you think and also what you think about this video! For more videos stay tuned on!