Vic Edelbrock Jr. Takes A Retrospective Look At Edelbrock History

Vic Edelbrock Jr. was one of the greatest icons of the aftermarket, past president and board member of SEMA, and leader of Edelbrock Company for almost 60 years.

He was born into racing as the son of Vic Edelbrock Sr., who was one of the founders of hot rodding and speed equipment in aftermarket products. And although he could have taken any career path, he was drawn into hot rodding and performance just like his dad. After the death of his father in 1962, Vic Jr. took over the company as president and CEO. He held both positions until 2010 when he stepped down as president but remained chairman of the board of directors.

When he took control, the company was made up of only ten employees and annual sales were about $450,000. For several decades, Vic grew the company his dad created into a major name among hot-rodders, sanctioned drag racing, and short track motor racing. The company grew immensely under Vic, Jr. as president and in 2004, revenue was over $125 million.

PowerNation has had the privilege to work with Edelbrock for years and we had the pleasure of having Vic Jr. on set many times. This is a look back at the history of the company you know today as told by Vic Edelbrock Jr. himself.