Update: Subaru Sent American Dealers An Apology Over The F.*.C.K.S SUV

Earlier this month at the Singapore Motor Show, there was a Subaru vehicle on the floor that had quite the attention-grabbing name. It spread like wildfire across the internet that the acronym for the SUV was F.*.C.K.S ( or Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition). There was much controversy on whether the people at Subaru knew about the four-lettered acronym or not.

However, an apology letter of sorts has now surfaced from the automaker sent from Subaru of America sent to dealerships. The Drive acquired the letter from an anonymous source and it reads:

Dear Retailer:

Yesterday afternoon we learned about an unfortunate situation related to the name given to a special edition Forester by the independent distributor in Singapore. We want to make sure that you and all of your customers know that Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) and Subaru Corporation (SBR) had nothing to do with this.

We apologize for any negative feedback this may have caused. SBR has had the name removed from the car at the Singapore Auto Show. We work very hard to build a strong brand image for this company and the naming of this vehicle in no way reflects the values and standards we hold true. Furthermore, we will always do our best to protect our brand’s integrity.

This vehicle was created by the distributor for the Singapore Motor Show and it goes without saying that this car will not be available in the United States market.

Basically, Subaru is chalking it up to an “unfortunate situation” and says it was not a decision made by headquarters but rather a local distributor in Singapore.

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