Update: Judge Sides With Man Over Neighbors About Hobby Garage

Remember the guy who got taken to court over working in his own personal garage? Well good news! The judge on the case sided with him told the neighbors to settle down. According to Road and Track, the judge told the neighbors he would deny their request to have the garage taken down as well as their request for William's to cover their court costs. The judge did find that there may be some code issues with the building but cited that it was not enough to have it removed. We're just happy this ridiculous case is brought to a close and this guy can continue working from his shop. You can see the original story below:

After buying the garage and putting it on his own property so he and his friends could work and tinker on cars, Williams' neighbors had spent upwards of $50,000 to have it removed.

The reason behind the lawsuit? They claim Williams' is running an unlicensed repair shop and that it attracts to much noise and traffic. However, inspectors have found no violations with the garage. On top of that, Williams' even tried to obtain a license from the city to make his neighbors happy but the city said there's no reason for him to need one as what he's doing isn't illegal.

That didn't make anyone happy however. In 2014 the neighbors filed a lawsuit that just recently was heard by a judge. Luckily, it was mostly in Williams' favor. He does have to add speed bumps and a speed limit sign, though. And even though he more or less won...it cost him around $30,000 in legal fees. And it doesn't end there. The judge is still waiting to see if the garage violates the city building codes and permits. If it does, Williams' will be fined $100 a day. If it doesn't the neighbors still plan to appeal.

Williams' was disabled in a freak construction accident that left him with no legs and wheelchair bound. He also lives on $800 a month since he is no longer employed. The garage was built simply for enjoyment and the love of working on cars - something he still manages to do even with a disability. The neighbors have said they will take this to the Delaware Supreme Court, they've even gone so far as to put up cameras to record Williams' property, as well as a sign threatening him with death. All over a freaking garage.

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