Unknown Driver Spotted Driving a Formula GP2 Race Car on the Highway

A viral video circulating around social media shows a Formula GP2 race car dressed to resemble a Ferrari F1 speeding down the highway somewhere in the Czech Republic. In case you were wondering, yes this is illegal.

Race cars such as this are specifically designed to drive under certain conditions, which are racetracks that are also shared with other race cars of the same type, not daily commuters. Local authorities are saying that this stunt is potentially very dangerous both for other drivers and for the unknown Formula GP2 driver as well.

Local police have been unable to identify the driver, and according to previous reports, they have been a repeat offender as they were previously spotted driving the same GP2 down the highway in 2019. Although police were able to identify the owner of the car, the driver remains unknown due to them only wearing a full-face helmet.

GP2 cars can be easily mistaken for Formula 1 cars. Also known as “Formula 2”, GP2 was a racing series in support of the F1 series from 2005-2009. The GP2 is a spec series, meaning all vehicles in the race are required to have the same chassis, engine, and other major components to level the playing field and make driver skill the main highlight.

What is surprising about the video is that the GP2 driver isn’t taking full advantage of his car’s racing abilities by recklessly speeding around other drivers. For the most part, the driver treated it as a nice, high-performance cruise.

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