Ultimate Trailer Hitch Fail

There are lots of factors to pay attention to when it comes to trailering your ride. If you miss even one step or detail you could be in for major trouble later down the line. Check out this guy trying to hook up a fifth wheel and looks like they may need an extra set of hands (or at least eyes). As you watch the video you can see he did a pretty good job of tearing up the back of his Chevrolet Silverado. Turns out, you actually need to have the trailer fastened down before you start to roll or it goes all down hill from there.

So instead of the smooth transition that he was hoping for, the trailer stays in place when the truck rolls away. Look at all that damage. All you can do is watch as he pulls away and the rear tailgate comes down with a bang. That’s a mistake that’s probably going to cost a couple of bucks to fix. We’re guessing he’ll probably double and triple check next time he goes to hook up. Unfortunately, nothing could have been done to prevent any of this once it got started. Hope he gets the damage (to both his truck and ego) fixed!