Uber Is Turning To Speed Boats To Beat Traffic Issues

Uber is getting creative with its transportation options. And not in the sense of scooters or bicycles like we’ve seen in several cities across the US. Uber is taking things to the water with Uber Boat. The concept is taking off in places like Croatia, Mumbai and a few select US cities. It was created to help with “pain points” felt by customers during high traffic times.

Mumbai is the newest city to get onboard with Uber Boats since India’s cities have some of the worst traffic in the world. Rides start at $80 for a six or eight-seat boat and can climb to $132 for an Uber XL boat fitting up to 10 people.

Of course, getting to work/school/given destination by boat is nothing new. After all, ferries have been getting the job done for quite some time in cities across the world. But what do you think about Uber expanding its ever-growing transportation monopoly?

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