Types And Uses For Soldering Irons

You need a few different tools for jobs like wiring your car or making electrical repairs. One of the main tools being a soldering iron. So Tommy is going to run through a few different options and what you can use them for.

First up is the butane powered iron. It comes in handy if you plan on crawling in and out of the car since it’s cordless.

The most popular would probably be the soldering gun, verse the soldering iron. It’s activated by pulling the trigger but one downfall is that it gets incredibly hot which may not always be best depending on the application.

The old school version has a dial, on/off switch, and indicating light making it easy to use.

You can also have several different tip designs, like a wedge or a point. You don’t really want to start grinding on either as you can damage them. Each has its own purpose.

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