Truck With Pro-Trump Stickers Gets Set On Fire

A Vancouver, WA man, Johnny Mackay, got an Uber and headed home, leaving his truck in the bar’s parking lot after a few drinks one night. He did another smart thing (or so he thought) and left his truck under a light, hoping it would deter anyone from breaking into it. However, the next morning, when he returned for his car, he found it not only vandalized…but in ashes, local news KOIN reported.

“All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock,” MacKay said.

That wasn’t it, though. He also saw that on the side of the truck, spray-painted in silver writing was a message against President Donald Trump. Mackay thinks it could signal that this was a targeted attack against his truck since two stickers supporting the President were on the back of his truck. MacKay said he didn’t vote for Trump but now supports because he’s in office.

“I literally just put them on this weekend,” he said. “If I would’ve known somebody would’ve taken politics this far — I saw them, I thought they were funny and apparently somebody didn’t get the joke.”

Luckily, MacKay was far away from his vehicle when it caught fire. But he doesn’t think it was an accident.