Truck Driver ‘Doesn’t See’ Car He Pushes Down The Highway

You would think sitting up higher than other vehicles and having a bigger windshield would give an advantage to seeing what’s on the roadway. Certainly, a driver should be able to see if their truck is pushing another vehicle down the roadway.

But that’s exactly what happened on Highway 401 in Ontario, Canada. A dashcam on a car behind the truck driver caught the entire event.

You can see the big yellow stone-slinger truck shoving a Honda Civic sedan completely sideways down the road. Thankfully, no one was hurt during all of this.

The Toronto Sun caught up with the truck driver who said, “he didn’t see what was happening in front of him”. We’re not sure how that’s possible to neither hear nor see the car but, okay.

It’s unclear whether the driver physically couldn’t ee the car, wasn’t paying attention, or perhaps hit the Honda and then proceeded to move it off the roadway by pushing it. Regardless, be careful out on those roads!

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