Truck Driver Blocks Driver From Escaping During High-Speed Chase

This high-speed pursuit ended in a crash, however it was probably one of the best outcomes possible in the situation.

A murder suspect in Pomona, CA was fleeing police when they slammed into a tractor-trailer. That was the end of a dangerous and chaotic chase through Riverside and Los Angeles counties Tuesday.

The suspect’s driving became erratic as they drove on the wrong side of the road, through neighborhoods, and passed between police vehicles. At one point the driver had the car on a sidewalk.

A semi driver came into the picture when footage from local news AIR7 HD showed that the driver of the tractor-trailer intentionally block the suspect from once again evading officers.

After the suspect crashed the pickup truck, they surrendered and both the driver and a passenger were taken into custody. The passenger, Roxy Rich, says she was surprised to learn the driver, a friend of hers from Bakersfield, was wanted for murder.

Both were taken in for questioning and the passenger was later released while the suspect was taken to a hospital.

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