Trooper Goes Viral After Enforcing Indiana’s Slowpoke Law

An Indiana State Trooper has gotten lots of attention on the internet after enforcing the state’s “Slowpoke” law. And many people like and agree with Trooper Wheeles’ logic.

Wheeles tweeted a photo of a vehicle that he stopped for a traffic stop on Interstate 65. The tweet stated the driver was holding up traffic because she continued to drive slowly in the left lane. Since the law first went into effect in 2015 it’s been meant to keep slow-moving drivers out of the fast lane.

Police departments often say a slow driver can be just as dangerous as a speeding driver since they disrupt a natural traffic flow. Wheeles went even further to defend the law and said a citation could be in order even if the driver is going the posted speed limit.

However, Wheeles’ reasoning wasn’t a call for anyone to start breaking the speed limit. So do yourself and every driver a favor and keep to the right if you want to go slow.