Triple-Turbo Diesel Engine Breaks Loose On The Dyno

Who doesn’t love a good dyno explosion?

This is one of the best we’ve seen (or worst if you’re the builder). We get to see the fate of a triple-turbo Cummins diesel engine when YouTuber Bruce Wilson posted this video. The engine was built by D&J Precision Machine and Firepunk Diesel out of Ohio and reportedly pushed 146 psi of boost and over 2,000 horsepower. Talk about having some power!

And when this thing exploded, it really went all out. Not just a blown head gasket or mild pop. This thing didn’t just throw a rod, it threw the whole block. Actually, it all but disappears. Luckily, it was in a dyno room and nothing besides the engine was DESTROYED. It’s a good thing this happened on the dyno and not on the track or out in public, this could have ended badly.

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