Train Travels Through The Scariest Tunnel Ever

If you are claustrophobic, you probably don’t want to watch this!

We’ve all seen trains passing by and go into tunnels from time to time but this isn’t an ordinary tunnel. What starts out as what appears to be a regular train ride, quickly turns into something actually really frightening.

As you can see, the train is riding along at night time outside and all seems normal. But then a tunnel entrance appears, which isn’t that out of the ordinary..until it finally makes its way inside. It comes obvious pretty fast that this tunnel is extremely small compared to other train tunnels, bordering on impossibly small. It’s honestly really surprising a train can even fit through such a small area.

As the train makes its way down through the metal looking tunnel, the walls eventually change to a very rocky underground surface. If you go to 3:39, you can actually hear an uncomfortable noise, which is the train hitting the side of the wall. This could lead to a very dangerous situation if the train breaks down in this small tunnel..seriously, how could anyone get help if they had engine trouble or some kind of significant damage? Scary stuff! What do you think of this?